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Todd Brizendine

I love building stuff. Maker, digital...

Alt Travel




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Sunday Spotlight: The Old Banana Republic
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Travel to Sri Lanka: What it's like to visit now during the Covid pandemic
The World's Best Nude Beaches
[Video] Samurai trash collectors clean streets of Tokyo in dramatic fashion
ゴミ拾い侍 Trash picking SAMURAI
Duran Duran - Tiger Tiger
Where you can sunbathe nude or topless around the world
The mini Venices around Europe
Kings Landing, Florida [Video] | Beautiful places to travel, Dream travel destinations, Places to travel
The enduring allure of lost cities
Could #Boatlife Be the New #Vanlife?
The Cheapest Countries In The World For Traveling | JourneyRanger
Spectacular drone footage of long dormant Iceland volcano erupting
40 Places Around The World That Are Forbidden To Go To
Minakami Madness, Part II: Inaka Luxury - Akiya & Inaka
11 Years Living Off-Grid On A Self-Built Island (full tour)
Seven Remote Holiday Destinations Without A Tourist In Sight
The 41 Best Hidden Hikes in the United States
The Mondays Club

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