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Todd Brizendine

I love building stuff. Maker, digital...

Artificial Intelligence Explains What Happened Before the Big Bang
Mindscape Podcast
Predicted 'information catastrophe' may be caused by fifth state of matter
What If We Become a Type 1 Civilization?
What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?
Robots And AI: The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk [Automation, Pt. 1] | AJ+ Docs
The big debate about the future of work, explained
The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time
The World in 50 Years
Can CBD Really Do All That?
Is the Psychedelic Renaissance Doomed? Jamie Wheal
Jamie Wheal - Psychedelics + The Meaning Behind Fantasia
Better Worlds: a new animated sci-fi series
Why the singularity is certain to happen in my own lifetime
What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)?
Cornell scientists create 'living' machines that eat, grow, and evolve
Physics Is Pointing Inexorably to Mind
How Confucianism Could Put Fears About Artificial Intelligence to Bed
What Is The Future of Us? | Jason Silva
The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware
Scientists Now Believe the Universe Itself May Be Conscious
A New Theory Explains How Consciousness Evolved
First AI-Scripted Commercial Debuts, Directed by Kevin Macdonald for Lexus (Watch)
You and AI presented by Professor Brian Cox
Modern technology is akin to the metaphysics of Vedanta – Akhandadhi Das | Aeon Ideas
The Last Invention of Man – Monsters – Medium
Why society isn’t ready for the high-tech future that is fast approaching
The Transhuman Revolution: What it is and How to Prepare for its Arrival

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