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Todd Brizendine

I love building stuff. Maker, digital...

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Celebrations in Chile as voters back rewriting constitution
Philippines: Typhoon Molave displaces thousands, floods villages
In hot spots around the country, hospitals are reaching their limits.
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US election 2020: What the US election will mean for the UK
Egypt sex attacks fuel 'feminist revolution'
My Money: 'We haven't got Covid here yet'
Covid nurse: 'I thought I wasn't going to make it'
Coronavirus doctor's diary: 'We blame Eat Out To Help Out for our tragedy'
Black and Welsh: The assumptions and questions people face
US election: 'Help! Everyone around me disagrees with my politics'
Coronavirus: How my mum became a conspiracy theory influencer
BHS collapse: 'I was in charge of millions, then I had nothing'
HMP Rye Hill prison officer 'failed to notice' dead sex offender
Boris Johnson and Priti Patel 'should apologise for lawyer attacks'
Biden says Trump can win because of 'how he plays'
Delta has banned 460 anti-maskers
US Navy identifies crew killed in training aircraft crash in southern Alabama
Whether Trump or Biden wins in November, Beijing will be hoping to reset the US-China relationship
Coronavirus: Local lockdowns 'stifling jobs recovery'
Olivier Awards: Messages of 'faith and hope' for theatre
'Generation Covid' hit hard by the pandemic, research reveals

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